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    Books Life

    To Me, You Are Perfect

      Just because it’s Christmas – and at Christmas you tell the truth – to me, you are blooming wonderful! I wanted to write a quick post to say a HUGE…

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    Books England Inspire

    Taking A Digital Detox

    Oh hello, how’s things? I’m back on the blog, back online and back in the real world. Hurrah! Over the past week I’ve taken a step back from things, namely from…

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    How Do You Do?

      Oh hello. I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name’s Katy but you may know me as the Backpacking Bridget Jones, although I have slightly better taste in knickers.…

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    Destination India: It’s Publication Day!

    Well, the day is finally here. The day when the second novel in the Lonely Hearts Travel Club, Destination India, is released into the world – a moment both incredibly amazing and…

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    Books Words

    How To Write A Book

    Writing a book is one of those things that appears on many bucket lists. But it’s also something that doesn’t get crossed off…time restrictions, family pressures, work duties seem to eat up…

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    Books Life

    Behind The Scenes

    I once worked with a lady who told me the secret to her success was to act like a swan. On top of the water, the part of her that everyone…

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    Books Inspire

    Backpacking Bridget Jones

    I’ve started this blog post three times but not managed to hit publish as I’ve felt like there’s too much I want to say but the words have deserted me, which…

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