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    Books Life

    To Me, You Are Perfect

      Just because it’s Christmas – and at Christmas you tell the truth – to me, you are blooming wonderful! I wanted to write a quick post to say a HUGE…

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    Books England Inspire

    Taking A Digital Detox

    Oh hello, how’s things? I’m back on the blog, back online and back in the real world. Hurrah! Over the past week I’ve taken a step back from things, namely from…

  • IMG_7622

    How Do You Do?

      Oh hello. I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name’s Katy but you may know me as the Backpacking Bridget Jones, although I have slightly better taste in knickers.…

  • 111

    Destination India: It’s Publication Day!

    Well, the day is finally here. The day when the second novel in the Lonely Hearts Travel Club, Destination India, is released into the world – a moment both incredibly amazing and…

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    Books Words

    How To Write A Book

    Writing a book is one of those things that appears on many bucket lists. But it’s also something that doesn’t get crossed off…time restrictions, family pressures, work duties seem to eat up…

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    Books Life

    Behind The Scenes

    I once worked with a lady who told me the secret to her success was to act like a swan. On top of the water, the part of her that everyone…

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    Books Inspire

    Backpacking Bridget Jones

    I’ve started this blog post three times but not managed to hit publish as I’ve felt like there’s too much I want to say but the words have deserted me, which…

  • thai food

    Food You MUST Try In Thailand

    Ah food glorious food. When you think of Thailand you probably think of noodles, Thai green curry and possibly even deep fried cockroaches. I only came across crispy creepy crawlies when…

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