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Happy Birthday, You Little Life-Changer!



I know I owe you an apology. I’ve been AWOL from this blog since announcing the life-changing news in this post. I pinky-promise ALL the details, photos from the big day and up-to-date info on our mini adventurer will be coming your way shortly. You’ll soon be sick of me harping on about it, I’m sure.

But before then I couldn’t let today go by without grabbing a big slice of cake (do I ever need an excuse for cake?), cracking open the streamers and grabbing a jaunty but chin-suffocating party hat to celebrate an important milestone.

My debut novel, the first in the Lonely Hearts Travel Club series, DESTINATION THAILAND is 1 year old! N’aww, don’t they grow up so fast?

Seriously though, this book has given me things that in my wildest dreams I could never have anticipated. Like, for example …

It broke records as the fastest digital to print turnaround in Harper Collins’ history!

It has had film and TV interest from bloody Hollywood!

It will be translated into 11 different languages – I cannot wait to show you some of the foreign covers that I’ve been able to get a sneaky peek at. So much pretty it is unreal.

It has been turned into an audio-book – I still feel bad at how many accents I threw their way…

It has hit the bestseller chart in supermarkets and online retailers, plus, Heat Magazine gave it 5 awesome stars!!


This book has also led me to find myself, find a husband and start a family. All because I had the courage to take my first solo backpacking trip to see if travel really can cure a broken heart and then sitting my ass down to write a book about it all. I remember being at my rickety kitchen table in my small french flat desperate to form something out of the jumble of chapters, characters and half-started drafts from my travels. The determination to tell Georgia’s story, to share a piece of my own story, was the motivation to not give up.

I’m so, SO glad that I didn’t.

If you’re feeling like you need a little escapism then please pick up a copy (and share it with me on social media @Notwedordead as I’m nosy like that). If you did enjoy it, and haven’t done so already, please think about writing a little review on Amazon which really makes a difference!

Altogether now – Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuu …


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  • Happy book birthday! Such an amazing year for you. It’s incredible how quickly things can change when you have a vision and work hard.

    I actually listened to Destination India as an audiobook rather than reading the text version and I was seriously impressed at how the narrator handled all the accents! 😀

    • Thanks Sorcha! It has felt like an incredible whirlwind. I’m sure the narrator hates me now – whoops! x

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