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    Inspire Love

    Why I’m Selling My Wedding Dress

    Trying on wedding dresses and realising that you’ve found ‘the one’ is pretty indescribable. I’d never worn anything so pretty before, I felt like a Hollywood superstar. It hid my flaws…

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    Inspire Travel

    Come And Meet Me!

    I didn’t have to be asked twice to give a talk on one of my main passions – no, I’m not talking about Mr Kipling’s cakes or writing novels, although I…

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    Has Technology Ruined Travel?

        Could you imagine totally disconnecting from the world as you travel? Wild, the popular memoir from one of my idol’s, Cheryl Strayed, and turned into a film with Reece…

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    France India Travel

    Backpacker Fwends

    After an impromptu hiatus from blogging (I promise the reason why will be revealed soon!) I’m trawling through all the things I meant to post over the Summer. Back in July…

  • Where-are-you-from
    England France Life Travel

    Where Do You Call Home?

    Backpackers are predictable things. I can pretty much guarantee that when you meet new travellers you will be asked three questions: What’s your name? Where are you from? Where are you…

    Hacks and Tips Travel

    Beating Homesickness

    source We’ve all been there, you should be having the best time of your life (and most days you do when you travel) but sometimes you get that pang of homesickness,…

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    Chile Travel

    Why Climbing A Volcano Is Snow Joke

    This burst of activity that started with mountain biking didn’t disappear overnight. I don’t know if it is the clear mountain air or restlessness in our limbs but we decided to…

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    Chile Travel

    Get On Your Bike

    After another overnight bus journey we arrived bleary eyed into the sun and ridiculously pretty town of Pucon, Chile. Boy I may be in love. Wooden cabins, green lushness, lakes and…

  • Chile Travel

    Sunny Santiago

    Chile was the one country that we hadn’t really planned our route or read up about before we arrived meaning we had no expectations, only that it would be more expensive…

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