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    Fitness Inspire

    Monday Motivation

    Do you ever have times when you feel like you’re drowning? You mentally beat yourself up because you’re so behind with the things you need to do? That looking at your…

  • How To Write a Synopsis (1)

    How To Write A Kick Ass Synopsis

    With the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction winner announced tonight and the lovely comments I received after I told you how to write a book, I thought I’d share some more of…

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    Life Weekend Wonders

    The Sunday List

    *Ooh new NotWedorDead series klaxon alert* Talking about travelling, writing and erm cakes are my true passions in life. Even better when all three things collide. But I thought it may…

  • Inspired#worldbookday
    Books Travel

    Best Travel Books #worldbookday

    Yesterday evening was spent cutting out badly shaped leaves made from green card to stick to an empty wrapping paper tube to make a beanstalk. As you do. The reason for…

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    Inspire Travel

    Autumnal Woodland Walk

    The crisp crunch of leaves under your feet, fresh air tinged with the smell of burnt matches, and the comforting hug of snuggling up in a chunky warm jumper is exactly…

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    Books Life

    What To Expect At A Book Launch

    I’d always imagined attending a book launch would be something you’d only do if an opportunity to stick rusty nails into your corneas wasn’t available. I’d pictured jumped up authors huddled…

  • My-postcard-collection-4d5f267c2d94c_hires

    The Death Of The Postcard?

    Source Postcards bring so much nostalgia, especially of trips you took as a child eager to share all you’ve seen and done (usually bragging about the weather or the foreign cuisine)…

  • novel-motto
    Inspire Life

    Completing my debut novel

    Source I’ve mentioned in a few older blog posts about how I was writing a novel, but I never went into too much detail about the how and why of this…

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