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    Has Technology Ruined Travel?

        Could you imagine totally disconnecting from the world as you travel? Wild, the popular memoir from one of my idol’s, Cheryl Strayed, and turned into a film with Reece…

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    Americas Brazil

    Would YOU Pay To Sleep In A Slum?

    With David Beckham and Madonna reportedly owning pricy pads in Rio De Janeiro’s favelas and with hotel owners competing to construct luxe hotels in these previously ignored areas, Brazil’s shanty city’s…

  • Chile Travel

    Sunny Santiago

    Chile was the one country that we hadn’t really planned our route or read up about before we arrived meaning we had no expectations, only that it would be more expensive…

  • Americas Brazil

    Brazilian Beach Bums

    After so much walking around Rio, adjusting to the heat and time difference we wanted to spend a day soaking up some rays on a Brazilian beach. The only question was…

  • Brazil

    Botanic Gardens Rio

    I know I know usually this kind of thing bores the pants off me especially as I am by no means green fingered or big on what’s going down in the…

  • Brazil

    Christ The Redeemer

    A trip to Rio is surely not complete without getting to see this dude who spends his days watching over the city. We took the underground to Largo de Marchado where…

  • Travel

    Free Walking Tour Rio

    Free walking tour is exactly what it says on the tin and is a popular scheme in loads of cities across the globe. It is free although tips are expected and…

  • France Travel

    Goodbye France Hello Brazil!

    We left France with tears in our eyes but excitement in our hearts. After a few fabulous days in London with my best friend we checked into our flight in the…

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