Destination Thailand: Free on Amazon and iBooks – but be quick!

Good news, guys – Destination Thailand, the first book in the Lonely Hearts Travel Club series, is FREE on iBooks and Amazon at the moment, for a very limited time. It’s a real honour to be chosen!

Destination Thailand is usually £7.99, so it’s the perfect chance to introduce yourself to the escapades of heartbroken and newbie backpacker Georgia Green as she attempts to swap lost for wanderlust after being jilted by her fiancé.

‘Brilliant, life-affirming story of a jilted bride who heads off to explore Thailand. Perfect escapism.’ – Heat

‘Bridget Jones goes backpacking’ – Holly Martin


Forced to make a bucket list of her new life goals by best friend Marie, it’s not long before travel-virgin Georgia is packing her bags for a long-haul adventure to Thailand. Yet, her big adventure doesn’t seem to be going to plan. From strange sights, smells and falling for every rookie traveller scam in the book Georgia has never felt more alone. But the good thing about falling apart is that you can put yourself back together any way you please. And new Georgia might just be someone she can finally be proud of.

You can download it as an e-book from Amazon here and it’s also available on iTunes,

‘A girl’s guide to survival and adventure.’ – Sarah Morgan, bestselling author of Sleepless in Manhattan


I’m not going to lie and say writing the first novel was easy, constantly filled with fun and laughter. It wasn’t. There were times I felt exhausted, tearful and anxiety ridden not just for fear of whether people will like what I’ve wrote (I don’t think that terror will ever go away) but because I had to delve deep into emotions and thoughts I’d pushed down inside for so long.

It was truly cathartic and you know what, probably what I needed to do to come out the other side.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. And if you do – you can grab the others in the series – Destination India, Destination Chile and Chasing the Sun here.

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