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  • Peru Travel

    Food You Must Try In Peru

    Ah food glorious food. All you foodies out there you will surely agree that travelling to new and exotic destinations is not just brilliant to experience different cultures but to test…

  • Peru Travel

    Road Wars

    You have three main forms of transport in Cusco – take the bus, grab a taxi or walk – and all three comes with its own perils! I have never experienced…

  • Peru Travel

    Machu Picchu

    Sometimes you arrive in a place so jaw droppingly amazing that your eyes can’t take it all in, your photos don’t do it justice and your brain hurts from trying to…

  • Peru Travel

    En route to Machu Picchu

    Both cost and comfort were the major factors in deciding not to do the famous Inca trail where you trek for 3 or 4 days following the original path through rocky…

  • Peru Travel

    Learning Spanish in Peru

    You may know about my challenges with learning the French language so being a sucker for punishment I also decided there was room in my brain for another language – Spanish!…

  • Peru Travel

    Cold in Cusco

    I have no idea how the Peruvians live like this. At the moment in the day it is high twenties in the sun but there is always an icy wind especially…

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