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    France India Travel

    Backpacker Fwends

    After an impromptu hiatus from blogging (I promise the reason why will be revealed soon!) I’m trawling through all the things I meant to post over the Summer. Back in July…

  • Asia Life

    Company Magazine {Travel} Blogger

    Wow what a week. Sometimes you just trundle along content with your routine and other times you pinch yourself after having a ridiculous week jam-packed with exciting news and projects! This…

  • Inspire

    You are stronger than you think

    Today is my birthday. I always find that both New Year and your birthday has this habit of making you stop and think and take stock of your life. I get…

  • 20130524-123643.jpg
    India My Adventure Travel

    Strike a pose

    After the awful unwanted midnight visitor incident we decided to do something fun to cheer ourselves up and not think of just how differently my birthday may have ended. I literally…

  • IMG_4011
    India My Adventure Travel


    There is some random law in south Goa that loud noises have a curfew. So drivers can’t incessantly honk their horns and bars can’t blast out music all through the night.…

  • 20130429-133832.jpg
    My Adventure Travel

    Two mums for the price of one

    One of the biggest annoyances (especially for a blogger) is the unpredictability of wifi connections which seems to be very hit and miss in India compared to Thailand. When you are…

  • 20130411-202609.jpg
    Eat and drink India

    Cheeky chapati

    So I kinda got the Thai style of cooking sorted and now I want to see if I can become an Indian nigella by going to a cooking class here. The…

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