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What To Expect At A Book Launch


I’d always imagined attending a book launch would be something you’d only do if an opportunity to stick rusty nails into your corneas wasn’t available. I’d pictured jumped up authors huddled together in their cliques looking down at anyone without a literary bestseller under their designer belts. I’d expected snobbish, self-centered novelists quaffing champagne and fake laughing as they name dropped so badly the floor ended up with dents in.

I knew that I would stick out like a sore thumb at one of these events, the one dancing on my own in the corner, trying to persuade the friendly waiter to start a conga after downing too many pre-drinks for the courage to just walk into a room full of people I didn’t know.

I know, I know I’m being so stereotypical and mean but with nothing else to go on I couldn’t think a book launch would be anything other than this. Boy, was I put in my place when I received an invite to Holly Martin’s launch for her TWO books Christmas At Lilac Cottage and Snowflakes on Silver Cove.




Wandering in to the soft lit cosy room of a trendy London pub I was instantly welcomed by complete strangers as if we’d been friends forever. I knew some of the other authors thanks to the writers retreats that I’ve been on and was pulled into warm hugs and congratulations on my recent three book deal.

There long tables full of cheese, bread and meaty nibbles with bottles of wine for the taking, as well as scrumptious cupcakes complete with cover pictures of Holly’s books that were almost too good to eat. Almost. The evening was relaxed, easy going and SO much fun. I got to meet some incredible book bloggers that I’ve only known through cyber space and were just as lovely as I’d imagined.

Holly is one of the hardest working writers out there. This girl is a demon typist with a page turning imagination. She has been such an amazing help with my writing, always there to offer advice, answer my endless ridiculous questions and has been a ruddy ace cheerleader in my new found career. I left feeling like a fool for even thinking that book launches could be as scary and intimidating as I’d played in my head.

Bookish folk are the best sort of people after all.



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