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    Has Technology Ruined Travel?

        Could you imagine totally disconnecting from the world as you travel? Wild, the popular memoir from one of my idol’s, Cheryl Strayed, and turned into a film with Reece…

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    How I Learnt To Speak French

    I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. Ok, so that’s not the sort of thing any self-respecting travel blogger should admit to but it’s true. I go through phases where I…

  • Life

    My Recent Reads

    Ah books, like an old comforting jumper you just know that when you put it on it makes you feel better (the jumper not the book – that would be a…

  • Books Life

    Book Guilt

    Twitter – It took me a while to really ‘get it’ but now that I have I am obsessed with this micro-blogging medium. The challenge of getting your point over in…

  • Inspire

    You are stronger than you think

    Today is my birthday. I always find that both New Year and your birthday has this habit of making you stop and think and take stock of your life. I get…

  • Books Life

    Love Books? Love Book Blogs?

    I love to read. I have been an avid bookworm since I can remember, way before it was ‘cool’ to be a geek and wearing the ironic oversized thick black glasses…

  • Life

    How motivated were you in March?

    Ok so that’s March nearly done and dusted. Wow how fast has this month gone? Don’t you hate it when people say that? I think it’s a very British thing to…

  • Fitness

    Get off the sofa and get outside

    I was always in the mindset that running should only occur in three situations: a) To get away from rapists/killers/scary drunk people/certain annoying chuggers. b) To get closer to free stuff,…

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    Holland Life

    Weekend Wonders #5

    If you follow me on Twitter you will know that we are going to Amsterdam next week for a mini holiday yippee!! I love living in France but a change of…

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    Weekend Wonders

    Yippee it’s the weekend! I thought I would use this post to share just what has been floating my boat the past week that you might want to check out this…

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