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  • John and I on our wedding day in January
    Family Life

    2017: Birth, Marriage and Death

    I know I’m late to the party sharing my New Year post but I’ve decided to cut myself some slack this year, I hope you don’t mind*. If there’s one thing…

  • IMG_3877
    Family Life

    The Day Everything Changed

    I’ve posted on here before about blog posts I never expected to write – like this and this and this – but this one feels so utterly unreal I’m not sure how to…

  • IMG_0497
    England Family Travel

    48 Hours In Winchester

    Winchester, time and time again, makes the shortlist for the best place in Britain to live. And it’s not hard to see why! When I told people we were going to…

  • IMG_0234
    England Family Travel

    Discovering West Sussex

    We forced ourselves away from the stunning hotel to explore the local area and see what West Sussex has to offer. First up was the SEAS winter fair that was full of…

  • IMG_4308
    Travel UK

    Windsor – More Than Just A Castle?

    Travelling abroad is a little trickier now I’ve got a mini-me in tow. Not impossible, but trickier. Along with book deadlines and sleep deprivation (see previous post!) I’m not able to…

  • IMG_8045
    Family UK

    Pumpkin Picking

    The nights are drawing in, leaves are turning golden and X Factor is ramping up – it can only mean one thing – AUTUMN IS HERE! It’s hands down my favourite…

  • IMG_7910
    Family UK

    Getting Steamy

    I’m no trainspotter but recently I spent the day riding the rails and actually really enjoyed myself. Okay, so it wasn’t the crowded Virgin train, where I’ve spent more journeys sat…

  • IMG_7724


    Not many people know this but I used to be a bit of a raver back in the day. Dressed in skimpy neon outfits, glow-stick in hand and smiley-faced (pre-emoji) vest…

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