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Taking A Digital Detox


Oh hello, how’s things? I’m back on the blog, back online and back in the real world. Hurrah!

Over the past week I’ve taken a step back from things, namely from constantly checking my phone, from posting photos and sharing news online and from being in the social media bubble. We all know what it’s like to be connected 24/7, it’s scary how instinctive it has become to scroll through your phone with one blearily opened eye as soon as you wake up. So, last week I cut off all ties to the digital life and went back to basic. By basic, I mean a stunning converted hen house in the middle of lush English countryside, to disconnect.

I imposed this social media ban because I have a novel to finish. Destination Australia, the fourth book in the Lonely Hearts Travel Club series needed a bit of a lot of TLC and I was struggling to give it the attention it needed in my day to day life, so a cheeky staycation trip was booked. And BOY, do I feel better for it!


Of course, I missed you guys but taking the time out from book promotions, blogging, emails, social media activity, freelance writing and just keeping in touch with friends and family, meant I could focus solely on this book. I wasn’t planning on blogging about my time away (I have so many awesome posts piling up behind me) but I just had to share with you where I’d been.

I woke to the sound of bird song, donkeys neighing (do donkeys neigh?!), and hens clucking as sunlight streamed through into the most adorable cottage I’d rented for the week. Mornings were spent tapping away on my keyboard under the pagoda as hens pecked near my feet, cats skulked past and the owner’s beautiful golden retriever, Daisy, came for many cuddles.







Evenings were spent sat outside and reading by candlelight with a few glasses of wine or long bubble baths as I picked through plot holes in my head. I’ve been on writing retreats before and if you’re trying to get a novel finished I can SO recommend taking a break from ‘life chores and admin’ to set your mind to the task in hand, as well as treating yourself for your hard work.

The lovely owner Sarah, who is the most inspiring lady and brilliant gardener, brought over local cheese and a large bottle of homemade damsen vodka to help with the creative process. I could have died and gone to heaven! Wanting to stretch my legs I spent time ambling to the local pub over fields full of sheep and wandered round the nearby town of Ludlow, which is something from a quaint English film set. I could imagine bumping into Hugh Grant as we perused the local bookshop together…





Taking this break was just what I needed to recharge, especially after how crazy this year has been for me. I’m now fired up to finish the novel (which I’m so very close to typing ‘the end’!), catching up with what I’ve missed since being away and getting ready to share Destination Chile with the world – which is out a month today and ready for pre-order now! Also, Destination Thailand is still on offer at just 99p until the end of August on most of the e-retailers sites like this one or this one.


Think I’m going to have a glass of that vodka to celebrate!

So, tell me, what’s new with you? x


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  • Gary George

    Every year I take a 10 day fishing trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I stay at a cottage at a resort on a pristine lake. Time has basically stood still in this part of the state. It might not have all the comforts of home, but for those 10 days it’s home to me. I must mention that I get a digital detox when I’m up there. There is no cell service by my provider in this area. I must admit, that at first it does bother me to be off the grid. After a few days, I get used to the idea that I can pack the phone and tablet away. I resign myself to the fact that the break is good for me, and that I’m here to enjoy nature and all it has to offer.

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