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Watching the world get high

My Swedish friends, Lizza and Patrick, had arrived to koh Lanta, I was really forward to seeing them and it also meant I could finally show off my tattoo to someone! It was healing really nicely now but I didn’t plan ahead that you need to keep it covered up from the sun and sea, no worries I would just try and rock the vest top look on the beach.The Swedish couple loved my tattoo and thought my alter ego, Tasty, would definitely get something so big inked on her!

As I said in a previous post, koh Lanta takes chilled out to a whole new level. Every bar on the beach is geared up for stoner hippies. These little bamboo shacks are full of comfy bean bags, hammocks and reggae music playing whilst the smell of marijuana and incense floats past. Even the names of the bars give a slight idea of the type of clientele such as herb bar, fred finnstoned, and rasta baby being my favourites! You are practically horizontal from relaxing so much and the little energy you have is used walking up the deserted beach to the next bar.




Cat for sale?!

It’s so strange how open and even slightly encouraging these places are to people smoking this drug especially when you hear these horror stories of travellers being imprisoned in the infamous Bangkok Hilton for having the smallest amount of drugs on them. I can’t get my head round the idea that this is the same country, which has these strict drug laws, but also has very open bars to smoke the same drug that could get you locked up in Bangkok? Apparently the bars here pay the police so they are not bothered. No one bats an eyelid and it felt like seeing people smoking a joint was as common as seeing people spark up a Marlborough light. It meant for a relaxed and easy atmosphere, I doubt that there are ever any big fights here!


20130212-221600.jpgWe spent our days at the beach relaxing then in the evenings we would chill out (because our day had been soooo stressful!) at various beach bars chatting, drinking and playing connect four-which is kind of a huge sport out here! I learnt a couple of Swedish words, taught them some English rhyming slang and basically just enjoyed our time on this paradise beach.



20130212-222500.jpgOur last night together we went for a fantastic meal of fresh barracuda in a restaurant on the beach then headed to this party in the jungle where they had heavy drum and bass booming out, crazy laser light show and people offering mushroom shakes, brownies and happy joints. Looking around the party it was clear who had indulged a little too much! On the way home from the party I got a tuk tuk that had a huge sound system, crazy disco lights and ‘Gangam style’ blasting out. Something that would have been more suited to koh samui than here!


20130212-221334.jpgI enjoyed my time in koh Lanta as I felt like I grew up a little here. Spending time alone, getting a tattoo and reflecting on my travels so far has been good for me. I was now ready to move on back to Bangkok to pick up my passport and Indian visa that I had been granted. After a shaky start on my own here I now felt quite content, I guess it’s just another step in this journey?



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