100 Runs 100 Days – The Three Quarters Point


On Saturday I reached another milestone in my #100runs100days challenge … the three quarters we-are-almost-through-this point. However, the celebrations for this mini achievement have been put on hold and put into perspective by the atrocious Paris attacks that happened just the evening before. We had planned to commemorate by running a 10km race in a nearby small French village on Sunday but this was quickly cancelled as the country entered three days of mourning.

Strangely though since the news from the Capital all I’ve wanted to do was run, to have that freedom, space and time to silently pay my respects and think about what has happened just two hours away from where I live.

They say that running is meditation in movement, a way to clear your mind and work through whatever it is that is bothering you as you put one foot in front of the other.

That’s what I’ve been doing.

Over the weekend I ran and thought about those poor innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, I ran and thought about nothing, I just ran and ran.

I now rely on this form of fitness not just as a way to manage my weight so that I can guilt-free eat what I want (or so I tell myself) but because it gives me the time to just pound the pavements and let my mind wander. To think about everything or anything.

As the days go by on this challenge I am slowly getting what this running lark is all about. And I have to say I’m becoming a convert. Gulp.

You can find out about my #100runs100days challenge by clicking here, here and here.

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