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Well hello there!

Sorry for the complete AWOLness over the past few weeks. I have SO much to catch up on including travel posts, writing posts and French life updates. But in the spirit of a new month (pinch punch, no returns and all that) I have a new resolution that I wanted to share with you, before normal service will resume…

Last summer I ran a 10km race. This summer I can barely run to the end of the street without doubling over wheezing and red faced. I guess with fitness you need to use it or lose it. I’ve never been into sport, never been one of those people who leap from their beds well rested and excited to hit the gym or pound the pavements. But I want to be. The older I get the more I realise the importance of not only staying trim but having stamina and power to build a healthy future.

I saw this challenge on Facebook organised by The Business Bakery. Starting today for the next 100 days it encourages you to make changes and improvements to your small business. Ok, so I don’t own a business but I got thinking that I could mesh this with my goal to get fitter, shed some weight and have the encouragement from others (there is a fb group and you get sent daily emails pushing you to continue) to start my own challenge.

So my personal challenge which I am putting on the interweb to be held accountable for is …. I am going to run every day for 100 days.

I bet some of you reading this will be like, ‘pah, easy peasy lemon squeezy,’ but bear with me. This is more than just getting my lardy arse out of my snuggly warm bed each morning, although that too is an achievement. This is about toning my body that has been lazily gorging on the delights of living in France for way too long now, having more energy to zap about with during the day AND a challenging milestone to reach. As I type this now thinking of running for the next 99 days seems equally terrifiying and bring it on exciting.

Let’s be clear here – I’m not saying I’ll be running a marathon a day but I am determined for the next 100 days to get out of bed, lace up my trainers and get outside for a minimum of 30 minutes (which will hopefully get longer the fitter I get). Technically my current version of running could be described more as a jork (jog-walk) but everyone has to start somewhere and the aim is to be running for the full 30 minutes non-stop. And when I say every day I mean EVERYDAY: come wind, rain, hail or sunshine. I will be giving this my all. For someone who thinks getting up to turn the TV off counts as exercise this is going to be a challenge.

Ok, so today day 1 (only 99 to go!) I got up when my alarm went off, bleary eyed and narrowly avoided stepping over the cat in the darkness as I went to meet my aunty who has signed up with me. These sort of things are always more fun when you’re sharing the load with someone. We jorked our way down the quiet streets, changing from a slow jog to a fast walk every two minutes for half an hour, even managing to chat a little as we went. I came back hot and rosy red cheeked but actually excited to have been able to ignore the lure of my snooze button (a big deal for me!).

If you fancy signing up, whether it is to start a business or work on one you already run, or change something in your life and stick to it for 100 days then check this out. I’ll be updating you on my progress every 25 days, you can hold me to that!

But enough about me, how the devil have you been?!

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  • Katy, what a brilliant idea! I’m going to pledge to 30 minutes of exercise everyday (Physio exercises don’t count!). I can’t really run because of my knee problems but ballet, yoga, swimming, and all the rest are fair game and will get me closer to being able to run again!

    • Katy

      Fantastic!! Am thrilled you’re joining me in the challenge. Your activities sound great! I’d love to be better at yoga and never tried ballet as an adult. Hope you’ll be keeping us updated as can’t wait to see how you get on xx

  • Kylie

    Ahh, glad to have you back Katy! I’ve missed your posts of late. Well done on the 100 days challenge! I’m keen to join but not sure what to challenge myself! Maybe Yoga!

  • Kylie

    I tried posting before so apologies if I post twice! It’s nice to have you back, I’ve been missing your posts of late. Well done on the 100 day challenge. I might join, but already doing a lot of running so maybe something like yoga would be a good shout.

  • Kylie Barclay


    I’m so useless at commenting on blogs. This is my third attempt to write a comment and I have no idea if it will work or not haha.

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts lately. This is a great idea. Good luck with your jorking (actually laughed out loud at this).

    I like this idea but I’m already doing quite a lot of running (half marathoning in October – officially lost the plot) so instead I’ve decided to amend your idea a bit and have chosen to read/write every day for 100 days. Am in the midst of writing a post about it now. Hope you don’t mind me stealing your idea!!


    • Katy

      Hiya! Thanks I’m happy to be back on the blogging wagon (sorry about the nightmare with posting a comment!) YES! Join away, I loved your post about reading and writing every day for 100 days, think it’s a fab idea! Also, am tres excited to hear about your running training – any tips you can give to up my jorking levels would be ace!! X

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