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100 Runs 100 Days – Halfway Point


If I ever wrote a running memoir I’d call it ‘All Because of a Pair of Skinny Jeans’. Like most women the need to tie up my laces and get fit was primarily born out of putting on weight. I’d become extremely lazy, ate whatever I wanted with no regard to how calorific it was and barely moved my ass to work more than a few calories off. God damn you lovely French food.

After I returned from this holiday, my best friend Jen had a wardrobe clear out and gave me a couple of pairs of gorgeous skinny jeans. One who loves a freebie I excitedly rushed home to try them on, already working out in my head what tops I could match with them and where I could wear them next. However, the buggers only just went over my knees. I’d like to point out here that Jen has had a baby and if she could fit into them then I had no excuse not to.

Red faced, slightly sweating from trying to inch tight denim over my flabby thighs I decided right then and there that I needed to stop being a slob and start fighting back, hence why the #100runs100days challenge was born.


Yes, I may have been incredibly slow when I first started but I was full of motivation, fitting into those jeans was always at the forefront of my mind as I huffed and puffed around an empty car park at silly o’clock in the morning. By the time I reached a quarter of the way I was building in speed and stamina but those jeans still didn’t want to be my friends.

And then, dear readers, you’ve guessed it …. Around day 37 I went to try the jeans on again, for the lols like, and you know what… they fitted like a glove! That was it then, I was back on the pavements fuelled with pride and satisfaction that this shizz was working. I’ve now ran every single day for 50 days! I’m halfway to my target of 100 runs in 100 days and boy am I feeling good.

On day 46 I ran 7km. The longest I had run non-stop since starting this challenge. The buzz afterwards was incredible I wanted to tell everyone I knew that me, yes me, had just ran 7km without anyone chasing me or dangling a cake in front of me. I chose to run. Without wanting to squeeze into some skinny jeans.



When I last made a flying visit to London I packed my trainers and hoodie (although forgot the sports bra oowww) and made sure I was running whilst I was there – there was no way I was going to miss a day and start this challenge all over again, not when I’d come this far. I ran down the streets of West Hamstead, I ran round a beautiful green park watching the autumn leaves dropping to the floor and I ran with Jen whilst still managing to have a good chat as we put the world to rights.

So, to celebrate reaching the half way point I have signed up to run a 10km race taking place in three weeks in one of the nearby French villages! I’d never have believed that I’d be up for doing this fifty days ago, it goes to show just how much you can achieve if you set your mind to it. Have a fantastic day guys!


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