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Why I’m Selling My Wedding Dress


Trying on wedding dresses and realising that you’ve found ‘the one’ is pretty indescribable. I’d never worn anything so pretty before, I felt like a Hollywood superstar. It hid my flaws and imperfections and was everything I’d dreamt about getting married in. It was the most special item of clothing I’d ever bought and was the dress that would be in framed photographs dotted around our house for years to come.

Only before I knew it, it wasn’t. The day that I was supposed to be feeling like a million dollars as I walked down the aisle wearing my dress, I was actually in a bikini on a beach in Turkey as my best friend whisked me away for what would have been my big day.

After my wedding was called off, sorting out what to do with the dress was added to the long list of things I needed to cancel and sort out.

That list was mostly taken care of by my mum and best friend, so I didn’t have to see the beautiful beads, the vintage inspired brooch or feel the fabric between my fingers. I couldn’t bear to look at it, so it was placed in its protective bag and put in the wardrobe. As with most things in life; once it was out of sight, it was out of mind.

I got on with starting my new single life. I grabbed my passport, jumped on a flight to Thailand and the dress slipped from my thoughts as I got on with creating new adventures, fulfilling dreams and making new memories. The rest, as you know, is history.


The stunning lace gown that I’d fallen in love with has been hanging in my wardrobe for a good few years now. It’s been patiently waiting for its moment to shine. Since growing in confidence and getting over what happened to me I was ready to zip open the bag and see my dress once more.

I knew I would never wear it again, even if I was to get married in the future. That dress belonged to the old me, the past Katy, the girl who isn’t here anymore.

But that’s not to say someone else shouldn’t wear it and feel what I felt when I first tried it on. So, for that reason I’ve decided to offer it to another woman who will give it the attention and love that it deserves. It’s not the fault of the dress that it didn’t get to be worn.

But I wanted to do more than just sell it on…

I’ve been deeply affected by the story of the horrific backpacker murders that happened in Australia recently. I just kept thinking that it could have been me staying in that hostel, I could have hung out with people like heroic Tom and made friends with Mia. Knowing what it’s like to travel and spend time with other backpackers I just knew I wanted to do something to raise money for their grieving families.

So, I will be selling my dress on eBay and all the money raised will be equally split between the families of Mia and Tom. Families who are going through hell knowing their child will never return from their travels, something that is unthinkable. As a fellow backpacker my heart has broken for them and this is something small that I can do to try and help.

The auction ends on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 and is open internationally. If you would like to bid on the dress then please click here.

A huge thank you to everyone who bids and shares this story xxx

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