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100 Runs 100 Days – The Quarter Point


I’ve got a secret. Something I need to own up and admit to you all…. Ok … *takes a deep breath* … I like running. There I said it, feel free to throw things at your screen.

It’s true. My name’s Katy and I actually like running. Hi Katy.

I’m now on day 25 of my #100runs100days challenge. That’s a quarter of the way through. And I’m still doing it!



Waking up early is still a challenge, I groggily heave myself out of bed cursing myself for this bloody idea until five minutes later when I’m out in the crisp morning air pounding the pavements and feeling those endorphins kick into action. I come back after around thirty minutes, sweaty and thirsty but feeling ever so virtuous that I’ve notched another day’s run and it really wasn’t that painful.

I’m actually amazed at my progress in just under a month. I’ve stopped walking on our route, can now slow jog for over 25 minutes non-stop and have noticed a difference in the shape and tone of my body. Whoop whoop!



I’ve found myself wanting to eat healthier, which has also had a very positive effect on both my weight and my motivation. I’ve cut out snacks, been alcohol free (mainly as an experiment to see how long I can last and so far it’s been 26 days, ahem apart from this one where I did have a glass of champers, I had to really didn’t I!)

My skin has improved, my nails have never been as long or as strong before and even my teeth seem a little whiter probably because I’ve stopped coating them in red wine and tea and coffee stains.

I have so much more energy, no mid-afternoon slumps, although I can’t see as much difference in the quality of my sleep usually because I need to nip to the loo after all the water I’ve been drinking. TMI?



So, with this new found energy I’ve been doing pilates twice a week in the evening and tried to fit in a trip to the local swimming pool once a week too. Managing to swim 40 lengths before wobbling unglamorously on my tired legs back to the changing rooms, trying not to collapse in front of an aqua aerobics class going on.

The main motivation in this challenge is having my aunty do it with me. Knowing she is up and waiting for me, usually with cute puppy Cooper, means I can’t snooze my alarm, roll over in my squishy duvet and let them down. Having someone to jork around our route, encouraging the other and adding an element of competitiveness has been such an incredible boost. I seriously don’t think I would have got this far without her.





Although I’m super chuffed with how I’ve stuck at it, I think this is going to be the easy part of the challenge. The mornings are still sunny (can we take a moment to just look at how stunning the skies have been as the sun rises to slowly wake up the town #nofilter) and not too cold. We’ve been lucky with the weather so far, and only experienced one really wet run – that wasn’t a barrel of laughs I tell you. Give us another few weeks as we head from Autumn to Winter, and I doubt I’ll be saying the same thing!

But for now, I’m recognising the mini milestone, the little achievements and am pumped to continue. We’ve come this far now gotta carry on (plus I can’t even bear to think about restarting all over again if I miss a day!)

If you’re doing a 100 day challenge I’d love to know how you’re getting on! You can tweet me, comment below or send me a message on Facebook.

{PS. Trying to run and take photos…turns out it ain’t that easy}

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  • Jen

    Amazing! you are doing so well. I don’t think i could run 25 minutes without stopping. Maybe we could go for a run when you’re here.

    This post makes me feel so guilty. I have done no exercise for a week (and i normally go 4 times a week), and i have just eaten a KFC! Soooo not on my body coach plan! oops! Back on track as of tomorrow!

    Well done, and keep up the good work!

    • Katy

      You are Wonder Woman! If I can run 25 mins then you can do that in your sleep! Thanks Hun, will pack my trainers as can’t miss a day now! Xx

  • What a lovely uplifting and inspiring post. I am super jealous of your motivation and determination. I used to love to run but got out of the habit, then *ahem* smoking.. I just really want to get back into it, but after working all week, my body is in so much pain! I’ll definitely be giving you my vote btw :) Your blog is amazing.

    • Katy

      Aww thanks lovely! I have never felt this motivated before, I swear those endorphins are doing something. I find doing any form of exercise much easier (ok slightly easier) first thing in the morning. I’m too exhausted after a days work to tie on my trainers. Give it a go! Xx

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