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Paris is always a good idea. Yes, yes it is.

Don’t be shy of doing the tourist thang but if your time and money is limited you can still experience the best this bustling cosmopolitan chic city has to offer without queuing for hours or needing to remortgage your house to pay for it all. Here are the ways you can make your euros go further and still make your friends back home jealous!



The Eiffel Tower – No need to pay to go up to the top as the best photos of the tower are from the ground and you can see incredible views of the city from Sacre Coeur (see below) anyway, so grab a sandwich from the many small boulangerie’s (bakery’s) nearby and have a tasty picnic lazing on the grass gawping up at the iron lady. Just keep an eye on those bags as there are some slightly scurrilous characters lurking around. Also don’t just limit your time at this iconic site during the day, you have to see the beautiful light show once the sun sets with a cheeky drink or two.

Moulin Rouge – Tickets to spend an evening inside this famous venue don’t come cheap but you can still snap away just outside to get the shot of the red windmills (although don’t be surprise if it’s a lot smaller than you think!).



Sacre Coeur – Skip the queues and the cost of taking the vernacular up to the top, instead take your time to stretch those legs, and burn off that French wine, by lazily plodding up the many steps. Stop at every level to admire the stunning view of the city, on a clear day you can see for miles. It is one of my absolute fave spots in Paris.


The Louvre – Even if you don’t fancy braving the queues or the ticket price to actually go inside (although once in your life you have to see the Mona Lisa close up) you should still take a stroll around the stunning glass triangle. There are beautiful grounds all around here to stroll with an ice-cream and soak up the essence of the most romantic city in the world.

Accommodation – Save cash as you sleep by staying further out from the city centre. The underground is so easy to use and understand that it doesn’t matter too much where you’ll be spending the night as long as you’re not too far from a metro line. Saying that, personally I wouldn’t stay too close to the Gare du Nord, yes it is a pretty central location with some surprisingly cheap digs available but it’s one of those areas when the previously mentioned unscrupulous types hang out at night. As with any visit to a busy big city keep your bags close, valuables out of sight and use that common sense.




Eat for cheap – My growing waistline (although not for longer thanks to this challenge!) is proof that the French know what they’re doing when it comes to food. If you’ve never gorged on French food before you’re in for a treat my friends! Cheese, crusty baguettes, and a bottle of good red wine can all be found for less than you think. Plus think of all the cash you will have saved that can be splurged on Laurel macaroons (if you even needed an excuse that is!).


Check out my other Paris blog posts here and here with loads more tips and tricks to help you get around like a Parisian. Have you ever visited Paris before? What travel hacks would you add to this list?

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