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Think I’ve Found the Most French Town in France


P1040978You could be mistaken for thinking that after living in France for a while I take all the ‘French things’ around me for granted. Oh no. I still get a buzz buying a crusty fresh baguette and wandering down the street imagining I’m an extra in Amelie. I smile to myself whenever I see a man in a stripy top and I will never get tired of how cheap good red wine is here. You may remember this post where I let you in on my fave French city, well hold onto those berets as Rouen may have a contender in the shape of Honfleur. A tres adorable town in the Calvados region of Normandy.






The weather wasn’t on our side but a bit of grey drizzle didn’t kill anyone, or as the French say ‘tu es pas un sucre….you are not a sugar’ i.e. you will not melt away in the rain. How cute is that. I have visions of sugar cubes dancing down the street rushing to get undercover.

So back to Honfleur, aka the most French town I have visited, I may not have spotted anyone wearing a necklace of onions but it felt like it had everything else to meet that French stereotype. Shops selling every French produce imaginable from local liquor, freshly caught fish and crumbly soft cheese competed with boulangeries (bakers) on nearly every rickety corner. Quaint timbered tall houses cuddled up to their neighbour for support, rustic wooden signs swung overhead and you had to watch your step on the wet cobbled streets.

We strolled down tiny alleyways leading to art galleries, chocolate shops and terrace bars where well dressed women drank coffee patting their poodles. Seriously. The problem with a place as picturesque as this is it is a tourist trap. We didn’t have to dodge too many selfie sticks this time but I imagine come the summer (and better weather) it will be heaving with foreigners.






Cider and Calvados are essential in this part of the world, so we found a cute street bar overlooking the pretty bobbing boats and had to indulge. Did I say we were here on my birthday? Not that we needed an excuse to raise a glass toasting everything we were happy about but it helped.

It was so French that I had to record it all, although apologies for the awful camera skills I’m still learning 😉 Check out the YouTube video below so you can experience it with me, we’re like virtual travellers. I’m thinking of getting more involved on YouTube (and honing my skills!) so would love it if you subscribed to give me the push I need to get over those camera nerves.

Anyway I hope you have a fabulous weekend and this blast of sun stays as long as possible!


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  • This place looks so lovely and picturesque. Three cheers for chocolate shops and boulangeries! Those houses and cobbled streets are also seriously Instagram worthy.

    I hope you have lovely weekend, Katy!


    • Katy

      I know right! It’s like Pinterest threw up on this town, soooo much pretty! Have a wicked weekend too lovely x

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