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The Best Haggis in Scotland?


There was only one restaurant name that kept coming up again and again when I asked for your #Glasgow recommendations on twitter. The place that so many raved about? Ubiquitous Chip. A restaurant that I struggle to pronounce the name of but will always remember purely based on one thing… I died and went to haggis heaven.

Time was tight to fit everything I wanted/needed to see and do in the short time I had in this buzzing Scottish city, so deciding to jump on the subway was both a necessary and a treat in itself to get to this ‘must-visit’ restaurant. I’m always wary of being sardined on tube journeys and riding the rails heading to lord knows where, but in Glasgow it’s just one big ol’ circle meaning you’ll always end up where you want to go. Plus, I found out later that even at rush hour on a Friday evening the tube was half full. Bonus.


Walking up the cobbled and quirky Ashton Lane to the imposing white-washed restaurant, bar and brasserie I could feel my stomach rumbling. If I listened carefully enough I’m sure I heard it call for animal stomach (sorry  to all you vegetarians out there).

Opting to eat in the more casual brasserie (think less starched white table cloths and more rustic relaxed dining) the waiter sorted out a table overlooking the stunning mezzanine balcony where vines, lush green trees and wide leaves brought a jungle feel to Glasgow. So far, so good.





I’ve heard that the restaurant is completely different depending on the time of day you come, although despite it being a weekday lunchtime it was nicely busy without the long wait. There is a fine line between wanting a rest and re-energising when sightseeing to getting impatient if you have to wait too long, as you have so much to see and do.

As impressive and locally sourced as the menu was, there was only one contender. Haggis me up baby. A short wait later and three perfectly oval scoops of venison haggis, neeps and tatties arrived before me.

Ok, ok. I’ll admit I felt a little cheated when I saw the plate and immediately wondered if I could ask for a jug of gravy. ‘Owt Moist?! (Any Peter Kaye fans out there? Holler).




Am I glad I kept my mouth shut. Taking a bite of each was a complete dream. Creamy, flavoursome and perfectly moist as it was. Although not having any Scottish in me I’ve always been a huge haggis fan and have scoffed a few in my time, but this one my friends blew any other out of the water. It was incredible. *Wipes drool off the keyboard. Again.*

A huge thanks to everyone who recommended this place. My life feels a little better because of this trip. Also just an FYI, the restaurant didn’t know I was coming and this isn’t a sponsored post I just simply felt like I had to share this amazing find, like others had with me. The joy of travelling is letting others into secrets and feeling smug that you discovered them first.




Feeling full and oh-so-content meant that dessert came later in the day after a good bracing walk around the city.

It was like the food gods had worked together as when I felt sufficiently peckish I happened to be right outside a quaint bakery, named Matilda’s. I mean when in Scotland you have to try shortbread, right? And they don’t come better than the gooey gorgeousness of a salted caramel shortbread slice from here.

When buying cakes I can usually wait until I get home to dig in but not here, I had to break open the bag almost as soon as I left the sweet smelling shop. I scoffed the lot on a street corner, as a bunch of students wandered past looking warily at the mad woman devouring cake as if she’d been nil by mouth for the past ten years.


And, do you know what? They could stare all they liked. I was in cake heaven.

You know your taste buds have been spoilt when you’re legit thinking about moving to live in a new city purely based on being able to eat haggis and cake all day every day. I wonder if anyone has relocated for this reason before…. *runs off to check out property prices*

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  • I love that you spent some time in the West End, it used to be my hood, and I love it so. I lived on a road just off Byres and used to walk Ashton lane everyday to get to uni.

    • Katy

      What a cool hood to hang in! I didn’t get the chance to spend time there at night but it’s definitely on my list to head back and party there!

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