Christ The Redeemer

IMG_8690A trip to Rio is surely not complete without getting to see this dude who spends his days watching over the city.

We took the underground to Largo de Marchado where there is a little kiosk selling tickets to get a minibus up the mountain taking in hairpin bends and awesome views to get to the steps of Christ the Redeemer.

You can also take the tourist tram which is more expensive and slower but this was out of service when we got there so bus it was. Clomping up the stone steps in the afternoon heat was a sad sign of our crap levels of fitness but pausing to slurp water overlooking Rio made up for our poor stamina!





We went on a Wednesday in the low season so there were hardly any crowds that I had anticipated for although you had to duck a couple of times as strangers thrust out their arms in the Christ pose. Of course we had to join in and almost took out a Brazilian guy’s eye in the process whoops!




For such an iconic tourist trap I was expecting more information on how the statue was created and actually got up the Corcovada mountain but there was just the odd sign telling you not to sit on the ledge (duh).

After a few more snaps and a coke at the little café on the way back down we made our way back to solid land. It was worth the visit but it didn’t have that wow factor that I experienced when I saw the taj mahal (there were no tears this time!).


P1030179 (2)


It cost us 41rs (entry and return minibus) which is around £10 each. If you are ever in Rio then this is a must and another thing for us to tick of the travel bucket list! :)

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