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The Perfect Cosmopolitan Hotel



I was beyond thrilled to find out that I’d made the shortlist in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s ‘Best Use Of Social Media’ category thanks to you lovely lot voting for me. As well as receiving a huge confidence boost it also meant that I was invited to the swanky awards do in London. First things first – what was I going to wear – and secondly – where was I going to stay?!

Well, heading to the Cosmopolitan awards it was only right that I stayed in a hotel that calls itself an oasis for cosmopolitan fashion and fun!  MyHotels Chelsea was the perfect place to get ready. The bright and funky decor was right up my street and its location couldn’t be better (meaning more time to faff about with the curling tongs whilst listening to podcasts as I got ready).

I lucked out and got a large room with tons of space for me to prance around in the free soft dressing gown as I began the beautifying process. I’m usually always in a rush on a night out, thinking I have waaaaaay more time than I usually do so it was great knowing that I could soak in the shower, do my hair and slap some make up on as well as being able to spread out and take my sweet time.








Once I was preened and primed (and messed around in the mirror) I sorted out a cab to see if they could take this Cinderella to the ball.

Last year I made it to the top ten of Travel Bloggers but this year it was a new venue, new name for the awards and new categories but that didn’t mean I was any less excited! Driving up the sweeping and pretty breathtaking drive to the Orangery in Kensington Palace I already felt like a winner. Total cliche but I did.

In the stunning venue the editor of Cosmo, Farrah Storr, congratulated the glam guests for making it to the shortlist as apparently over 10,000 bloggers, vloggers and social media stars entered the awards but only 150 of us had been selected in our respective categories. It really hit home what an achievement it was! There are so many blogs out there but for you guys to vote for me to reach the finalists stage means the world, I am truly so grateful for your support.






Filling the oh-so-pretty room were different stands offering guests the chance to get their nails done, hair expertly braided or false lashes applied without fear of sticking their lashes together (something that always happens to me if I attempt to glue on falsies).

I spotted some bloggers I’d followed online for a while, putting faces to twitter bio pics and mingled with the gorgeous guests before we were called to find out our fate.




Sadly, I didn’t win. The incredible Fleur De Force took top spot, that girl is such an inspiration to bloggers out there that it was just an honour to be nominated in the same category as her. You can check out all the winners and the top ten finalists here. The atmosphere was still really upbeat despite not everyone being awarded a prize. I guess we all shared the same respect knowing what it takes to look after a blog and how many amazing opportunities can come from putting yourself out there online if you work hard enough.

After a quick drink and nabbing a goody bag (that my little sister swiftly took off my hands when I saw her next) I headed back to the hotel to rest my weary feet. I am SO out of practice in killer heels that it’s actually embarrassing. Think bambi on ice and you’re halfway there to how I stumble rather than strut.




Raw food restaurant, Tanya’s Cafe is based at the hotel but I missed out on giving it a go as this Northern girl was hoping for gravy covered chips rather than superfood salads.

I’m sure we all know the feeling after a night out craving salty chips, a greasy burger and maybe even a sugar filled milkshake and personally nothing else (other than a kebab or fried chicken) would cut it. I’m sure tons of people love their super healthy raw food but I don’t think I’ll ever be converted!





Breakfast the following morning more than made up for the lack of greasy dinner choices and I tucked into one of the nicest fruit salads I’d had in a while, helped myself to a fresh continental breakfast and may have gone back to taste the fry up option too. It’s hungry work this blogging malarky, what can I say!

I left feeling full and proud of myself. Its not often you pat yourself on the back but I think we should all celebrate the moments when we can be chuffed at what we have achieved.

Thanks to MyHotels for hosting my stay and as always all opinions are 100% my own.

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  • Christopher Hogancamp

    As an American it’s my duty to demand a recount for you! Good job either way and I hope you are safe in your adventures right now. I will be looking forward to not only your next article here, but your next book as well. You’ll get it next year.

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