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Himalayan Hike – The End

Up early and back walking for a few more hours until we make it to the highest point of our journey – 3000 metres high with breath-taking views of the Himalayas. I get teary at all the other trekkers gathered at the top hugging and taking photos. I feel so proud of myself and just in awe of my surroundings. Being with nature on this scale really does put things into perspective.

Beautiful Nepalese bunting hangs from every tree and the atmosphere is fantastic, everyone really feels the same sense of satisfaction that I do.


However what comes up must come down so after a short rest we prepare to start our descent.
This takes us back down the mountains, through jungles with waterfalls, monkeys overhead and even more donkeys. But the weather is not on our side and the sound of thunder rumbles through the trees. Not the best place to be stranded during a thunderstorm surrounded by all these trees!
Pushing on with as much speed that my weary legs can muster we arrive at our lodgings which is a huge house owned by a Nepalese family who have three boisterous children to entertain us with dances and ball games.
I am so pleased I decided to do this trek not just because my waistline has shrunk slightly but because I have had the time and space to get things sorted in my head. Today is the last day and I will really miss my time with Deepak who has been not just a great trek guide, motivating me and explaining Nepalese quirks and culture to me, but also a fun friend to be with.


I have met so many people from different nationalities including Austrian, Russian, Chinese, American, Australian and English and it has been great that no matter where you are from we have all had the same aim to push ourselves and get to the end!

I have never been one for nature either – don’t get me wrong I can appreciate it but I would much rather be sat inside cozied up with a good book than discovering muscles I didn’t know existed in the bracing outdoors. But this has been an eye opener not just because I am surrounded by the fricking Himalayas but all the noises and smells that come with that. The sound of cow bells clanging, making way for donkeys stumbling past, seeing huge eagles soaring overhead whilst having some lunch perched on a rock face and walking through dancing butterflies has been incredible.


Walking downhill has actually been harder than I imagined. My thighs were shaking and my ankles felt unsteady after the mega workout my body has just had.
But we make it! After signing our paperwork to say we have completed it and having a spot of lunch in the sun we are on our way back to Pohkera.
We say our goodbyes as Deepak is heading back to Kathmandu and I am waiting to meet up with Rach to spend some time with her here. I literally fall into my room and all I can manage is to call room service and get a hot shower. What I would do for a leg rub and a bath!


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