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Real Life Lonely Hearts Travel Club: Travel Has Empowered Me


Now, this is a lady after my own heart. Abbey refused to put up with the hand that life had dealt her so decided to grab the deck and shuffle her own winning cards instead.

I’ve had some fantastic members of the real life Lonely Hearts Travel Club but I’m always on the look out for more! If you’ve got an inspiring tale of going from lost to wanderlust then please drop me a line. You can find me on social media using the links below or fill in the simple form that goes directly to my inbox.

Without further ado – Abbey, take it away!


I’ve wanted to travel the world ever since I can remember. As soon as I could itch my feet, I did.  At the age of 18 I went into the world with starry eyes and a backpack and I’ve never looked back. I’ve travelled alone, with friends, with lovers, with family and for a multitude of reasons; business, pleasure, for richer- for poorer, in sickness and in health…. and yet none of those journeys prepared me for the journey I had to take almost a year ago.

I’d been living in Scandinavia with the guy I thought was the person I’d be with forever. We’d met travelling and shared a passion and love of the world which made everything appear like it was ‘meant to be’. We were soul mates.

Alas, the Universe seemingly had other plans…. He wasn’t ready for something as big as I had to offer and our journey together hit a fork in the road, we split back into two, I went East and he went West (literally).


Taking that plane home to England with my tail between my legs, feeling like I had failed at something I’d jumped head, heart and feet first into was earth shattering. All the plans I’d dreamt in my head, the journey before us, the life we had created was gone. I kept telling myself he was ‘just a boyfriend’- not a husband, not a family member- ‘a boyfriend’ but it was love, real love and I’ve learned that it’s all relative when it comes to our hearts.

After two months with a lack of appetite, tears, worry and a beautifully timed ‘break up’ joke in a christmas cracker (thanks universe)- I booked a flight to China, my land of opportunity. My brother and his wife live there and were expecting their first child, so it just seemed like the perfect place. I could feed my wanderlust, get back on my feet and feel like myself once again.



I’d always wanted to document my travels and I thought what better place to start from than the very bottom. I openly vlogged about my whole experience, the turmoil that had brought me to China, my healing process and what has greeted me along the way.

I knew the only way was up and I wanted to share my journey, not only to see the progress in myself but to empower others. To show people that sometimes when your world falls apart it might in fact be falling together. When we go through hardships people will tell you ‘time heals’ and you understand it, you acknowledge and accept it but you cannot see it. I hoped that presenting my journey through videos, would give others a chance to see what I couldn’t.

Living in China has brought me so much confidence in the pursuit of my dreams, it’s taught me to love who I am and to not be afraid about breaking the mould and going it alone. Since February; I’ve stepped on four different continents, jumped out of a plane, climbed the iconic Mount Fuji, caught a sunset on a game drive through South Africa, witnessed the incredible tension on the North and South Korean border, gambled at the biggest casino in the world and even walked the streets of New York City, as if I was a modern Carrie Bradshaw.


I dedicated this year to myself – to self love, to my dreams, to everything I wanted it to be and it’s been the most thought provoking and inspiring year of my life.

I never wanted my heartbreak to define me, but I’ve had to accept that its played a big part in my new journey, it has pushed, empowered and encouraged me in ways I couldn’t have imagined a year ago. It was a bumpy ride, but I’ve learned that journeys are not meant to be plain sailing – it’s the challenges along the road that make the adventure of life exciting and exactly who we are.

The ‘Year of Abbey’ may be coming to a close but the lessons, experiences and self love gained will forever prevail.

Amen to that! Wow, I don’t know about you but reading this has given me goosebumps. I can totally relate to the feelings that Abbey went through. Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom to realise the only way is up and that in the process of getting back on your feet you will understand that you’re braver than you ever knew. 

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