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I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world getting to call myself an author. Every time I hear from readers, see my books tagged in Instagram images or get a lovely review, I still have to pinch myself that this is real life.

Something that’s taking a lot longer to sink in is that my words have been translated into so many different languages. I don’t always hear when and where my books are published until the postman brings me a box of foreign editions but I get asked a lot if my novels are available in other countries so I thought it would be helpful to share how the Lonely Hearts Travel Club really is taking over the globe!

You guys know how much of a soft spot I have for all things Français. After living in France for over two years I’m extra excited to get my hands on the French version Ni Mariée Ni Enterrée with the oh-so-chic front cover! The second book in the series came out 7th June and the third followed swiftly behind in July. I have a feeling that my French has probably gone a little rusty so I’m looking forward to testing myself.

IMG_5183I can’t speak a word of Italian but I love the cool blue look of Destinazione Thailandia which was published in April and the pretty in pink Destinazione India that came out at the start of May!



My German publishers have decided to treat German readers by giving away the e-book version for FREE on Amazon! Just click here to get your copy! Perfect if you’re studying for a German language exam and need to practice your reading skills! The next books in the series (sadly, not free) will be available in August and November and you can pre-order them right now.


I have to say the Polish versions are probably the most sexiest. Check out the Thai beach and that bikini bod. Phew. *Tries not to look at my post-baby jelly belly*


It has been a hit in the Nordics with both Thailand and India being translated over there and sticking more closely to the UK front cover design which still looks fresh and summer-y to me!


Katy Colins 017

Back in the UK and my second novel Destination India celebrated its first birthday on the 2nd of June. Don’t they grow up so fast! But seriously … where has that year gone?!

You can also get your hands on the kindle bundle of the Lonely Hearts Travel Club novels, perfect for your summer holiday reading.

If you’ve caught up to speed with Georgia’s travelling exploits then make sure to grab my fourth novel, Chasing The Sun, which is out NOW! Copies have already been spotted out in the wild…



Thank you SO much to everyone who has bought, read, reviewed and shared any of my books. Your support has allowed me to live my wildest dreams!

If I can be super cheeky and ask that if you’ve enjoyed my tales then a quick review on Amazon, iBooks, Goodreads or NetGalley is SO amazingly helpful. It only takes a few minutes but makes it easier for new readers to find me and pleases the algorithm bots so I’m selected for future promotions and deals – a win win for everyone!

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P.S. SUPER EXCITING NEWS!! I’ll be hosting a Q&A event with the one and only Lindsey Kelk in Waterstones, Liverpool on Monday 11th September! You can get your tickets to what is going to be a really fun evening, right here:

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