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My (birthday) week in photos


I don’t usually do these kinds of posts mainly because I forget to take photos all the time to be able to fill a post with pictures but last week was my ‘birthday’ week! I have no shame in saying that I like to spread the birthday attention for a whole week, eeking out as much fun from this one day as I can. Hey if you are getting older then why not make the most of it rather than hide away from it?! Luckily for me I am surrounded by amazing family and friends who know how to make a girl feel extremely special and loved.

My celebrations started with a mouth-watering Mexican meal in Rouen (You can read about my love for this city here) followed by cocktails with friends. Since living in France I have found that it has a totally different attitude to drinking and going out than I was used to back in England. Back home my weekends involved getting the glad rags on (the higher the heels the better) and spending my nights drinking and dancing in fancy wine bars. But over here I have only been on a handful of these styles of nights out as the culture is much more about relaxed fun not necking shots then drunkenly staggering for a kebab.


(Check out the evil stare the guy in the background is giving his date!)


For my actual birthday I was treated with flowers, presents and a slap up French meal in my favorite local restaurant that cooks steak on an open fire, has the best red wine and fresh seafood dishes. They may not look so appetizing my boy oh boy they taste divine.




The following weekend my French/English family threw me a Brazilian themed party complete with samba dancing, a ‘K’ shaped piñata and South American dishes including homemade cheesy balls. I felt extremely spoilt and so happy to have such a generous and kind family around me especially my cousin Laura who is like wonderwoman to me and organised so much of the night. You all know how highly I value my family and friends but it is times like this when you realise just how important they are in your life.





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