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For such a little country (only 21 miles long) I was actually surprised at the variety of activities on offer in Barbados. Before I went I asked you lovely lot for your suggestions on the things I must see and do via Twitter. As always, you didn’t disappoint.

So, now I’m returning the favour and sharing my highlights from my time in the Caribbean, and no, it doesn’t include a trip to see Rihanna’s grandma’s house.




Harbour Lights

I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure about this one at first. When you say ‘cabaret evening’, I instantly think cheesier than cheese-on-toast acts performing with audience participation – the word that brings most sane people out in chills. But Harbour Lights was a name that kept coming up in my Twitter and Facebook suggestions so I was up for staying open minded and giving it a go. Walking in to the open air restaurant right on the beach with fairy lights strung on wooden beams the place looked stunning, the food was tasty and the drinks were unlimited but then the MC leapt onto the stage and started asking for us to cheer according to which country we came from. The UK got the loudest cheer and usually I hate anything ‘Brits Abroad’ but the atmosphere was so fun and welcoming it didn’t matter where in the world people came from. Add to the party spirit some blooming impressive performers – seriously they need to get themselves on ‘Barbados’s Got Talent’ or something – meant that you couldn’t help but shake your hips to the music, get involved in a conga line and let your hair down. A real unexpected highlight during my time in Barbados and an evening that reminded me I shouldn’t be so quick to make judgments.




Oistins Fish Fry

There is nowhere else to be on a Friday night than soaking up the atmosphere and inhaling the fishy smells of Oistins Fish Fry. An open air market type place with fish shacks, charming shops in colourful huts under palm trees, bizarre entertainment and lots of tasty fishy treats. Locals and tourists alike head here to sit elbow to elbow eating their dinner from a box with plastic cutlery on a weekly basis. A compete contrast compared to some of the fancy restaurants found on this island but, trust me, the fish (especially the ones rubbed with bajan spices *drools on laptop*) are better than anything you could find in some Michelin-star restaurants. Chefs cook up nothing like what you’d see at your local chippy.





Island Safari

Don’t expect to see wild animals unless you spot some monkeys playing in the trees, this safari is more about taking you off the beaten track to show you parts of the island you otherwise may not have experienced. Buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride as kitted out jeeps drive you down muddy lanes, over near-crumbling bridges and race down the shoreline making your way through many of the island’s 12 parishes, past stunning beaches and lush jungles. I’d recommend doing this trip when you first arrive on the island so you get your bearings and earn some fun facts – like it’s still legal to drink and drive in Barbados, which is slightly worrying when you’re being driven around with a driver who has a machete on his dashboard that he insists is to lop overhanging branches down. Take your camera, enjoy the ride but just don’t do what I did and wear a strapless bra, all those rocky roads and craters do not make for happy boobs with no support! TMI?





Catamaran Cruise

Get the chance to swim with turtles! They said. They lied. Well, okay, they didn’t lie but I was underwhelmed with just the one poor turtle whose day was ruined by a group of excited tourists swimming alongside it. Apparently our boat was quite unlucky but maybe I needed to manage my expectations that I would be splashing around with hundreds of chilled out turtles like in Finding Nemo. Even the small turn out didn’t matter because the other spectacularly coloured fish made up for it. Snorkeling in the crystal clear warm waters as tropical fish danced between you was amazing in itself. The catamaran crew were hilarious, the half day cruise was filled with great food and drinks and being on the high seas was also the perfect place to top up your tan.





Mount Gay Rum Tour

So, there is a dude called Allan Smith who is the master Rum Taster at Mount Gay Rum, basically it is his job to taste and test every rum. He even has his own personal driver because he gets pretty squiffy. He likes to take his time does Allan to make sure it is all up to scratch and has a catch phrase that ‘it’s ready when it’s ready’. I think Allan may be my newest favourite human and I’m not even a rum fan. After going on the tour, getting to taste a range of rums and then eating a tasty meal in the restaurant I may have changed my mind. A full blog post on what goes on behind the scenes at the famous rum factory is coming up later on this week!


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My visit to Barbados was in partnership with Visit Barbados. but as always, all views are 100% my own. And all that jazz.

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