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Pumpkin Picking


The nights are drawing in, leaves are turning golden and X Factor is ramping up – it can only mean one thing – AUTUMN IS HERE!

It’s hands down my favourite season, mostly because it’s the best excuse to wrap up in snuggly knits and thick tights, stuff yourself with hearty warming food (basically anything with mash is a winner) and go for long walks, crunching crisp leaves under cute ankle boots.

But something I’ve never managed to tick off my autumnal to-do list was to go pumpkin picking. So when I discovered a pumpkin patch had just opened up not too far away from where I live, I grabbed my friend Charlotte and decided our babies needed to experience this too!*

*Even if they just looked on bemused at how excited we were both getting …



As pumpkin patch nubes – we both didn’t appreciate just how many varieties of pumpkins there are! From the weeny adorable ones, to nobbly, bobbly, misshapen ones, to enormous height-of-a-toddler ones. That’s just the shapes, you also had white ones, green ones and stripy coloured ones that were easily overlooked by the whopping, luminous orange ones.

It was the perfect chance to test out the little halloween outfit I’d picked up for Everleigh [similar one here]. My little pumpkin was rocking the pumpkin look. Cuteness overload.

Although, I do worry that I may have years of therapy to pay for… but I couldn’t resist!



We filled a cart full of the most photogenic pumpkins we could physically lift – the perfect bingo wing buster workout for all knackered new mums. Then we tried to explain to the babies why their mummies were going giddy over plonking them next to funny shaped vegetables. Everleigh let me pretend that this was one big ‘sensory’ experience and happily complied.

She must inherit her posing skills from me, as she was soon very happy among her pumpkin pals, fitting right in with her outfit of the day.





I can see why so many people rave about pumpkin picking, it was so much more fun to select the one you want rather than just choosing from the many identical ones in the supermarket. Like goldilocks, you had to choose one that was just right.

Size matters.


(*the bigger it is the more expensive it will be. What were you thinking?!)

I’ve seen a few pumpkin patches around the UK with fields full of pumpkins but in a way it was great to head to a place where they were all rounded up indoors to be away from the chilly wind and muddy paths. We went here which was free to enter with a cute cafe and gift shop too! Here is a good list of other places across the UK where you can join the pumpkin craze!

Now to put my carving skills to the test before Halloween. Oh, and to research child therapists for ridiculous outfit-wearing crimes against fashion.

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