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Vote NotWedorDead as Best Travel Blog #Cosmoblogawards


I’d say I was quite a competitive person, give me a game of Cluedo and I turn into this determined warrior desperate to claim victory and find out whether it was that wily minx Miss Scarlett in the dining room with the lead piping. Even though I’ve always had this competitive streak I’ve never really pushed myself out of my comfort zone to use it. I’ve never entered competitions, sport try outs or school talent shows through fear that I’d lose, be a laughing stock and wish I’d stuck with my battered board games in the safety of my lounge. No no no …  much too scary.

But the older I get the more I realise that you can’t be scared forever. One day you have to stick your head up, believe in yourself and go for it. Something I did a few weeks ago when I nominated this blog for Best in Travel at the #cosmoblogawards. I nervously pressed send, crossed my fingers that you lovely readers would take the time from your busy days to vote for me and started to prepare myself for whatever may happen.

Nothing could happen, no one would vote and I’d shimmy off with my tail between my legs but at least I’d tried.

However …  something did happen. You voted. A lot of you. And on a wet dreary Monday I received the news that thanks to your votes I’ve made the final 10 in the Cosmopolitan blog awards for the Best in Travel category.

Shortlisted, baby!!

I still can’t believe that out of all the incredible travel blogs out there my tiny space on the internet has been voted to win. I’m up against some super tough competition but I never thought I’d manage to make it this far so who knows what could happen!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted in that first round, who RT’d and shared my nervous jump into the scary world of judging, voting and waiting. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. The voting is now open to find the overall winner in each category and you can do so by clicking this link or the image below:


Then click ‘next page’ until you get to Best Travel Blogs (page 9), tap the box next to me NotWedorDead and keep pressing ‘next’ until you can submit your email address and name. It takes 2 minutes. Voting closes at the end of October and you must be over 18 to vote. I wish I could squish you up into a big hug to say thank you for your support *virtual squeeze*.

If there’s something you’re debating about entering but you’re bogged down with The Fear, then just do your best Taylor Swift impression, shake it off and go for it. It’s not as scary as you imagine. Now, anyone for a game of Cluedo?

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  • Woo hoo! Well done you!! Have voted :) Wishing you lots of luck.


    • Katy

      Cheers Danielle! I’m so thrilled to have made it this far! Xx

  • Congrats on the shortlist! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!!

    • Katy

      Thank you so much Sorcha! Have a fab weekend xx

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