Training for a 10km race – Week 3


So after slacking for my birthday week – yep a whole week of fun shenanigans (check it out here) I feel up and ready to get back on with my 10km race training plan, as well as freaking out that I have under 8 weeks until race day.

I have worked out that doing the ostrich head stuck in the sand impersonation isn’t going to cut the mustard…. this race is going to happen if I like it or not “so get that ass off the sofa and get outside missy”. This is my inner grit doctor talking to me – I imagine her being like a sassy American lady pursing her lips and shaking her head as she tells me off. If you have no idea what a Grit doctor is then check this here.

Even though I completely overindulged last week the end result is that I felt sluggish and unmotivated to do any exercise. I think that Gillian McKeith is right when she harps on about ‘you are what you eat’. I could totally feel the difference in the first few runs/jogs/fast walks that I did after stuffing my face the previous evening with juicy steak, gooey profiteroles as well as nearly a whole bottle of red wine. I didn’t like this feeling. It was my birthday so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.

But things had to change so this week after a big food shop and a trolley full of salad, vegetables, fish and grains I am feeling less like a beached whale and more like a hyperactive puppy. Ok maybe not that much energy but it is definitely a step in the right direction.


I also have a spring in my step not just because of the glorious early summer that seems to be happening but my boyfriend treated me to a pair of super snazzy trainers for my birthday. They feel like I am walking on air with all the padded, airflow, super duper fabric technology.

The only problem is I feel embarrassed lacing up these bright trainers as they should be on the feet of a running pro who has just nonchalantly finished her third marathon not the feet of a sweaty jogger who has only started out in this fitness world. But as the shoes demand a better owner I will try all I can do be that person!

Remember you can follow my training on twitter by using the hashtag #NWODrun and if you have any tips or advice then please send it this way!


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