Running with 6000 French Women




Sunday mornings used to mean stumbling in from the previous night out clubbing, having a lie in till midday before the need to devour anything fried or greasy forces you from your bed. I am scared to admit that I am getting older and while my raving and misbehaving days are almost behind me I didn’t envisage getting up on a Sunday morning to run. Ever.

Going to Parc Asterix meant another early Sunday wake up call and last Sunday my alarm forced me from slumber to tie up my laces as I was about to compete in my first ever running race the L’amazone to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. Spending the morning in Le Havre with 6,000 women in a sea of pink t-shirts competing a 6km run and trying to get past the finishing line without the need of an ambulance.

You may know that I am signed up to run a 10km race in England (next weekend eeek) with the women in my family. It will be a laugh they said at the time. Well the weeks have crept past and after my initial burst of enthusiasm so has my *ahem* training. It will be a case of others laughing at me than enjoying this family time.

But I am staying positive and after managing to complete 6km without collapsing, needing a medic or being the last one to cross the line has given me hope that if I train a little this week, lay off the chocolate and booze then maybe just maybe I will be able to get through the race next weekend.

I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed the 6km run on Sunday with my cousin Laura and aunty Gill, ok not so much the running part, but the atmosphere was brilliant fun and running/jogging along to the sounds of ‘allez les filles’ and lots of cheering really helped to keep me going.

Ok so I know I will never complete a marathon but getting a 10km race under my belt (no matter how long it takes me to finish) will be such an achievement for someone who has previously been allergic to exercise.

If you have any last minute tips to help then please send them this way!





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