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Well hello there. Let’s both put the kettle on, grab a slice of cake and catch up shall we?

So as you may know my summer hasn’t quite been what I imagined. At the start of the summer I went on a fab family hol to the south of France and in between horrible heavy moments we managed to do some local sightseeing in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which is ridiculously pretty. At first I felt guilty that my grandma was so so poorly in a hospice and we were off doing nice things but I figured that is exactly what she would have wanted. Life goes on and we must live it as much as we can. Using the medium of photography you can have a nosy what I got up to:


So in other news….I have finally finished my manuscript for my first ever novel! Eeek! I’m thinking of doing a separate blog post with how this has actually came about and the slog that I was no way near prepared for, if you would be interested in that? Now it is printed off, nearly a whopping 200 pages, it’s bizarre to think that all came from my little brain –  it already feels like a massive achievement. At the moment my mentor Rosie Blake (still feels weird typing that) has got a copy and will be casting her beady eye over it. Just slightly freaking out with nerves/excitement for this.

Returning to France after an unplanned few weeks in England took more adjusting that I was prepared for. I felt like I hadn’t used my brain all summer so trying to have a conversation in French was like my tongue had been rohypnoled. The words just didn’t want to come out! I put this down to the emotions of the last few weeks and thankfully I am sounding less like a slurring drunk. I hope.

You may already know that the French man and I are off to South America for a four month tour taking in Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I cannot explain how freakin’ excited I am, especially as things are finally seeming real like booking flights/preparing our ugly mahoosive backpacks and pouring over travel guides that will soon become a reality! Check out tomorrow’s blog post for how we are planning to survive this… without killing each other. If you have visited any of these places I would LOVE to hear from you as we’re still piecing together our route. Thanks very muchly!

So tell me what’s new with you?

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  • WOW! Congratulations on finishing your novel, that is my dream to write something or produce a magazine… I can dream, HEY!
    The travelling adventures sound divine & I am very, very, very jealous. I look forward to seeing all your blogs about it all soon :)
    Rebecca xxx

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