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After another overnight bus journey we arrived bleary eyed into the sun and ridiculously pretty town of Pucon, Chile. Boy I may be in love. Wooden cabins, green lushness, lakes and wide streets of shops and small cafes all towered over by an active glacier covered volcano.

It reminds me of a cute all American town where everyone knows your name and you are raised on stacks of blueberry pancakes, maple syrup and mountain air. Just pretty as a picture cute. The hostel we stayed at wasn’t quite finished but the super friendly owners gave us loads of tips, cooked for us and even did our laundry for free. I was tempted to start house hunting as it was such a nice area. They said they moved here from Santiago to give their kids a fab childhood right here in nature and safety, the town doesn’t even have traffic lights!



Anyway, enough about the gushiness we were here to explore. And to do that mountain bikes were rented, helmets attached and a picnic packed. For those who know me choosing a bike as a mode of transport ain’t my normal style. But something in me was desperate to be pedalling away through this picturesque place, I cant even blame the altitude for this random decision!




The weather was perfect not too hot not too cold so we hopped on the road out of the town centre and tried to follow a map we had been given to get to some nearby waterfalls. I say try to follow as we soon got very lost.


The only road ahead was so steep we had to get off and push for about twenty minutes. Mmm sweating, hungry and lost are not a good combination. To top it all Greg’s trousers split leaving a comedy flap wafting in the wind we could hardly breathe from laughing so much. The map was binned, lunch was eaten at the side of a rocky empty road and layers were shed. But we were determined not to give up so huffing and puffing past fields of cows, horses and wooden shacks we found a river. Not a waterfall but it was close enough.



Dipping our feet in the icy water, munching on another sandwich and lying back in the sun as kayakers splashed past was perfect, if a little off schedule, but aren’t all the best adventures about just going with the flow?


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