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    Fitness Switzerland Travel

    The Olympics Museum

    Did anyone else get a little obsessed by the Olympics over the summer? I found myself hooked on sports I’d never heard of before (Race Walking wins HANDS DOWN!) and loved…

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    Fitness Inspire

    Monday Motivation

    Do you ever have times when you feel like you’re drowning? You mentally beat yourself up because you’re so behind with the things you need to do? That looking at your…

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    Fitness Inspire

    Staying Healthy As You Travel

    You know how people say calories don’t count if you eat standing up*? Well, I follow the rule that they also don’t count when in a different country. It’s like the…

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    100 Runs 100 Days – The Three Quarters Point

    On Saturday I reached another milestone in my #100runs100days challenge … the three quarters we-are-almost-through-this point. However, the celebrations for this mini achievement have been put on hold and put into…

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    Fitness Travel

    Run The World

    My running route has its ups and downs. I can sprint (ok, well sprinting might be a little ambitious) to the beach and run down the always empty pier breathing in…

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    Fitness Inspire Life

    100 Runs 100 Days

    Well hello there! Sorry for the complete AWOLness over the past few weeks. I have SO much to catch up on including travel posts, writing posts and French life updates. But…

  • Fitness

    Completing a 10km race

    You may remember I told you that the women in my family had decided it would be fun to take part in a 10km race. My training started off really well…

  • Fitness

    Running with 6000 French Women

    Sunday mornings used to mean stumbling in from the previous night out clubbing, having a lie in till midday before the need to devour anything fried or greasy forces you from…

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