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  • IMG_4308
    Travel UK

    Windsor – More Than Just A Castle?

    Travelling abroad is a little trickier now I’ve got a mini-me in tow. Not impossible, but trickier. Along with book deadlines and sleep deprivation (see previous post!) I’m not able to…

  • IMG_8045
    Family UK

    Pumpkin Picking

    The nights are drawing in, leaves are turning golden and X Factor is ramping up – it can only mean one thing – AUTUMN IS HERE! It’s hands down my favourite…

  • IMG_7910
    Family UK

    Getting Steamy

    I’m no trainspotter but recently I spent the day riding the rails and actually really enjoyed myself. Okay, so it wasn’t the crowded Virgin train, where I’ve spent more journeys sat…

  • IMG_7724


    Not many people know this but I used to be a bit of a raver back in the day. Dressed in skimpy neon outfits, glow-stick in hand and smiley-faced (pre-emoji) vest…

  • IMG_6555

    (Not) Lost In Translation

    I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world getting to call myself an author. Every time I hear from readers, see my books tagged in Instagram images or get…

  • IMG_5363

    Welcome To The World, Everleigh

    From that very first solo travel trip as a broken hearted backpacker, leaving the comfort of my world for the total unknown, no-one could have predicted the twists and turns of how the…

  • IMG_4029
    Life Love

    My Pregnancy Story

    I was going to call this post My Pregnancy Journey but I couldn’t bring myself to say those words. Truth is it has been a bit of a journey* (eurgh, I…

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